Jae Jin Heart Smiles [Official Video]

Sep 22, 2020 at 5:28 PM EDT
Heart Smiles is about the power of selflessly loving someone regardless of the outcome. At its core, love assures the continuity of heart smiles throughout life. Share this with someone who makes your heart smile! #HeartSmiles Lead: Jae Jin (IG: @jaejinmusic) Female: Julia Han Cameo: Jake Choi (IG: @thejakechoi) Director: PJ Germain (IG: @pjgermain) Producer: Jae Jin Producer: Tim S. Kang Cinematographer: Tim S. Kang (IG: @tskpictures) Editor: PJ Germain Colorist: Tim S. Kang Gaffer: Jeff Billings (IG: @jeffbillings) Dolly Grip: Joe Adams (IG: @adamsjoe330) Studio: "The Social" at Vanishing Angle (IG: @vanishingangle) Lighting equipment: Quasar Science (IG: @quasarscience) Grip equipment: CFG Rentals (IG: @cfgrentalgroup)