Nao Yoshioka Got Me (Official Video)

Sep 22, 2020 at 5:02 PM EDT

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‘Got Me’ is the lead single from Nao Yoshioka’s fourth album ‘Undenialbe’, and is once again produced by Musicman Ty the Swizz Beatz protégé. 'Got Me' is a grey area love song of mixed feelings — not all love and hate is black and white. This song looks at the addiction of being together with someone which keeps you from leaving even if you’re deeply hurt and you can’t muster the courage to be alone.

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[Film Credits]

Produced by: Nao Yoshioka and Namiko Takahashi

Directed by: Namiko Takahashi

Director of Photography: Ken Katsuno

Music composer: Musicman Ty and Nao Yoshioka

Production Manager: Tsubasa Kimino

Edited by: Namiko Takahashi

Shot on location at OPRCT Tokyo, Japan

Executive Producer: Naoki Yamanouchi